"I believe above all that make-up should be at the service of the image and not be important in itself..."
Kathy Le Sant

What is your signature?

I love today’s look, with very little make-up. I built my reputation on this basis. I believe above all that make-up should be at the service of the image and not be important in itself. I always make up a girl to look as if she had done it herself to give that authentic and fresh appearance.

Which job won’t you forget?

My first shoot with Jurgen Teller where there was a before and an after. Thanks to him I found my niche and introduced my style. What is amusing is that it all began on a misunderstanding. He booked me thinking that I knew one of his friends very well and was mistaken in that I wasn’t that person. It was a revelation: I had finally found my place! I have worked a lot with him since then.

What nourished you?

I love images and stories as I am a keen cinemagoer and adore photography. I love taking photos, but not for fashion, which I can’t manage. I am fascinated by reporters.

What is your concept of modern?

A girl with style: but you either have it or you don’t. Make-up should be used as a finishing touch to accentuate a detail of a face. Conversely I find that contouring is not modern at all.

What is the most difficult thing demanded of you?

I have always avoided situations where I would be at excessive risk of miscasting. I am not afraid of sticking my neck out when I know there will be liberty and energy.

What is your latest news?

I shall continue to defend everything beautiful, chic and refined following my arrival at Open Talent. There is a project for a photograph exhibition with Jeanne Balibar for Mathieu Amalric’s new film « Barbara ».

Kathy Le Sant worked with:

Magazines : Bon, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, Muse, Numéro, Purple, Revue, Rika, Self-Service, Ssaw, The Gentlewomen, Travel Almanach, Vanity Fair, Vogue Chine, Vogue Russie.

Photographers : Cédric Buchet, Kira Bunse, Dario Catellani, Roger Deckker, Quentin De Briey, Colin Dogson, Emanuele Fontanesi, Estelle Hanania, Michael Hemy, Nick Hudson, Philippe Jarrigeon, Serge Leblon, Brett Lloyd, Harri Peccinotti, Arnaud Pyvka, Ben Rayner, Dusan Reljin, Ola Rindal, Caspar Sejersen, Jurgen Teller, Sean Thomas, Jonas Unger, Rory Van Millingen, Camille Vivier, Tung Walsh, Olivier Zahm.

Stylists : Celia Azoulay, Ondine Azoulay, Belen Casadeval, George Cortina, Yasmine Eslami, Ursina Gysi, Melanie Huynh, Ye Young Kim, Anna Schiffel, Victoria Sekrier, Sheila Single, Marcus Soder, James Valéry, Hannah Van Well, Almut Vogel, Katarina Zolototrubova.

Designers : Jacquemus.